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Nov 08,  · The dos and don'ts of writing a personal statement for languages. Students often start by quoting someone famous, says Mike Nicholson, director of admissions at the University of Bath, who thinks it’s a “waste of space” and “just demonstrates that you can copy and paste”. Hilary Potter, a teaching fellow at the University of Leeds, adds that quotes “don’t tell us anything about the student”.Author: Abby Young-Powell. Modern Languages Personal Statement Language is at the heart of everything I do: it's essential for communicating with the world and vital for the inner dialogue that is fundamental to all academic study. Personal Statement:Modern Languages 1 I have found great enjoyment in language learning for a number of years and my passion for both French and German goes much further than the A-Level syllabus. I hope that the study of Modern Languages at university can help satisfy my appetite for the particular aspects of French and German that I find the most interesting.

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My decision to study Modern Languages at University has been driven by my passion for Language. My mother is fluent in French and began teaching it to me in primary school.

I realised very quickly that it wasn't the study of French that I had been enjoying, so much as the study of a language other than my own. As I continued to study German at school I became fascinated by the way language forms and develops and grew increasingly interested in taking the subject further. While studying English Literature and Music I developed my ability to analyse and interpret while also nurturing my creativity.

I also studied Theatre Studies until AS level: a course almost entirely dependant on my ability to work in a team. I have also, voluntarily, taken up a distance learning A Level in English Language in order to develop my linguistic awareness and enhance my writing skills. I intend to have completed the full A Level by June I think this shows, not only great dedication to education and learning, but also a thirst for knowledge.

I also continued to study German and it was my ongoing enjoyment of the subject that convinced me to look into careers centred on language. I am interested in the cultures of other countries and would like to learn and understand ways of life different from my own.

Considering this and having researched many careers, I feel, modern languages personal statement, at the moment that I would be best suited to a career in Interpreting. This job would allow me to meet and associate with lots of different people while also allowing me to learn about their cultures and countries. Visiting Germany, France and Italy in the past has been wonderful and I would love to travel the world in later life.

I have visited Germany twice with school. I particularly enjoyed Cologne where we were given the opportunity to interview the natives for research. It was exhilarating to be able to communicate with them in their own language while also proving to me that, even with my limited vocabulary, I was able to make myself understood. I have also been to Venice and Brittany on holiday which allowed me to experience first hand, different foods and cultures.

I know that Interpreting can involve a huge amount of travel and would greatly enjoy the opportunity to go to explore the unknown. I am of course aware that this is a very competitive career and have also researched teaching English as a foreign language. Modern languages personal statement spent the week teaching the children things such as basic Maths and English, and was even lucky enough to practice my German on a young German student who had just transferred to the school.

I found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable and learnt many skills for the future: above all the importance of patience and keeping a professional relationship, modern languages personal statement. I have also worked for a year in Wilmslow Library where I have come into contact with many different types of people.

Working for a public service also allowed me to develop skills in problem solving and communication and I have become highly computer literate. Alongside School and extra curricular interests, I have managed to consistently maintain a Saturday job: currently, I work at the restaurant in 'Hoopers Department Store', a post I have remained at so far, for six months, modern languages personal statement. My main extra curricular interests lie in Music and Drama. I am trying to further my interest by having singing and piano lessons and am working towards taking my grade 8 singing exam in June I am, at present, modern languages personal statement, a member of two theatre companies in the area and partake in modern languages personal statement Musicals and Variety shows.

I am also in the process of organising and directing my own Musical Showcase in aid of Cancer Research, which I am hoping will take place in May I have become a very confident person able to express myself clearly and concisely and I think these aspects of my personality would be invaluable when studying Modern Languages. I was reasonably happy with this by the time I sent it off.

The problem now is writing a new one! I like that you've justified why everything is relevant and what it shows about you. It's one of the modern languages personal statement I've seen, I think. Where did you apply? And to modern languages personal statement poster above: Natives is technically correct in the context. I would have gone for native speaker, which I think is what the OP meant and has less negative connotations, modern languages personal statement native works fine as well and when you're on a word limit, modern languages personal statement, you need to make concessions.

Thank you Helle. Suprisingly I'm not related to Prince Phillip, I'm sure that would make it easier to get into university, modern languages personal statement. I'm afraid I did include a footnote, as a was quoting a figure and my teacher told me I have to quote where I got it from.

I applied to Exeter, Sheffield, Sussex and Southampton and got offer to all. I am going to uni next yr- hope to modern languages personal statement to kings! I also dont know how to end it! Please help! I'm applying for next year to study Modern Languages in Sheffield so this has helped a lot! Thank you! Skip to main content. Modern Languages Personal Statement. You didn't really put a footnote in your personal statement, did you??

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The strong advice from Dr Helen Swift at University of Oxford is to think carefully about what kind of language courses you’re applying for and focus your personal statement accordingly: What you give as evidence of your engagement with the subject will depend significantly on the nature of the course for which you've applied. Jul 05,  · This area covers degrees in individual modern languages (often including the history, literature, culture, and politics), translation and interpreting, and linguistics (the science behind language and communication). Modern Languages Personal Statement Sample Statement As I hold dual nationality, English and French, and am fluent in both languages it was the natural progression for .